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child care conference

Everything about this conference is designed to RECHARGE educators. Hear authentic real-life stories of multi-site owners and child care directors with over 20 years of experience. Share your journey, network, and learn new ideas to advance professionally.


The "Re-Up" sessions for teachers will ignite passion in the teacher's heart and give practice ideas to use in the classroom.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2022 AT 10:00 AM - 1:00PM

*in-person & virtual tickets available


We can all use a recharge


re·​charge |  \ (ˌ)rē-ˈchärj /

recharged; recharging; recharges


intransitive verb

1: to make a new attack

2: to regain energy or spirit

3: to become charged again : to refill with electric charge

transitive verb

1: to charge again 

2: to inspire or invigorate afresh : RENEW

Refuel as an early childhood professional and connect with genuine educators all while learning TRANSFORMATIONAL strategies for your child care program. 


Join Sheika Petteway & Elite Educational Enterprises for our “Recharge Child Care Conference,” on Saturday, September 24, 2022 at 10am CT in Houston, TX or Virtual!



Reflect on your reasons for choosing child care as a profession. This conference will help you discover a deeper passion for early childhood education.

in-person and virtual 
tickets available

Child Care Director and Owner Tickets are $40.00 person including admission and lunch. The Child Care Provider Tickets are $25.00 person including admission and lunch.


*All virtual tickets come with a $10 gift card (enjoy lunch with us)

Here's a sneak peak of what you can expect:

Training Sessions

Mental Health for Educators

Deal with the alarming struggles of on-the-job stress, feeling drained, and overworked while working in child care. Learn techniques of self-care and how to manage stress as an educator properly.

Speaker: Nadie Roberson, MA, LPC


Private Child Care Owner & Director Session

"Child Care Director Story Time"

Hear the inspiring stories of how these amazing child care directors/owners perseverance and commitment has helped them face their fears and successfully manage a multi-site child care corporation and turn in-home daycares into licensed centers. 

Speakers: Aliceson Henderson, Shauntrell Thomas and Sheika Petteway


Evolving Into A Well Rounded and Balanced Director 

The job of a child care director is not for the faint at heart. It takes managerial skills, customer relational experience, business knowledge and early childhood professional training. This training will teach and give techniques on how to balance day-to-day operations and handle staff management with style.

Speakers: Nikki Hunt and Roslyn Stewart

Re-Up Sessions for Child Care Teachers

My Classroom Environment needs a Recharge 

Connecting the classroom learning environment to the education of the child can help a child explore a whole new world. Classroom Recharge is a fun interactive session for teachers to reshape, reset and reform their classroom. 

Speaker: Acacia Buckley 

Operation Reset: Managing Challenging Behaviors

Addressing challenging behaviors in the classroom can be very hard while teaching. This session will teach practical ways to assist children of all levels that struggle with behavioral challenges. 

Speaker: Chandler Rockward

the Host 


I'm so excited to host you at Elite Educational Enterprise on Saturday, September 24, 2022 at 10A! This experience is all about helping you recharge as an early childhood educator. 


Despite the pandemic challenges over the past years, you have survived... and even thrived. You Made It! 

What's ahead of you is so much better than what's been, and I cannot wait to see you in the room and celebrate your resilience as you recharge for your next level as an early childhood professional! As we planned this conference it was our idea for it to be authentic by discussing real-life experiences and selecting speakers that can help you truly renew, reset and RECHARGE.

Sheika Petteway

Chief Encouraging Officer, CEO

Trainers & Facilitators


Nadie Roberson, MA, LPC

"Mental Health for Educators"


Nikki Hunt

"Director Session"


Pheolia Smith

"Conference Host"


Chandler Rockward

"Child Care Session"


Aliceson Henderson

"Director Story Time"


Erin Guzowsky

"Virtual Experience Host"


Shauntrell Thomas

"Director Story Time"


Acacia Buckley

"Child Care Session"


Roslyn Stewart

"Director Session"


Chauntel Williams

"Conference Host"

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