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Terms & Conditions

Elite Educational Enterprises Contract Service Terms and Conditions: 

The party signatory hereto ("Customer") agrees, as a condition to, and in consideration of, the use of the services provided by Elite Educational Enterprises, LLC ("Elite") described herein to all of the terms and conditions set forth in this Service Terms and Conditions Acknowledgment (this "Acknowledgment").


  1. SERVICE. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Acknowledgment, and in consideration of the payment of the fees set forth on the order form, Elite shall use reasonable efforts to provide to the Customer a web-based online, webinar, or in-person professional development training services and courses selected by Customer executed in connection herewith (the "Order Form") and available through access of online, webinar or in-person training or consulting (the "Services"). At its sole discretion, Elite has the reasonable right to change or modify the Services and the methods and means by which they are provided, and the basic functionality and quality of the Services will not be materially reduced.

    • 1.1. Disclaimer. Individuals and companies must understand that all training, consulting advice and professional services are not designed for, nor should be relied upon, as a source of legal guidance, or as a final authority with respect to any circumstance. Owners and management must seek competent, legal advice for all services. While we have been diligent in our efforts to provide comprehensive and accurate regulatory consultations; Elite Educational Enterprises, LLC shall not be responsible for errors or inaccuracies.

    • 2.1. Active Participation. As we strive to provide innovative and interactive teaching that follows state standards, we feel that your full participation and attendance is vital.

      • 1.2.1 In-Person and Webinar Training - Trainees that arrive or attempt to access a webinar 30 minutes or more after class starts will not be able to participate in that scheduled class. You will be able to attend a class of the same credit hours at another time depending on space availability. Trainees should not leave early except in emergencies. If you must leave more than 15 minutes early, you will have to take the class over. Any emergencies should be discussed with someone from our office or by informing your instructor immediately.

      • 1.2.2. Online Training – We encourage all trainees to complete the online training course by the expiration date that is provided online inside of your account. If the online course is not complete by the expiration date, you can purchase a 30-day extension for $15.00.

  2. PRICING AND PAYMENTS. In consideration of the Services provided to Customer, Customer (other than a Customer who is an Authorized Employee of a Center Customer who has made the applicable payment to Elite on behalf of such Authorized Employee and who is signatory to an Acknowledgement in full force and effect) shall pay Elite the fees as outlined on the Website or in the Order Form. Elite reserves the right to change pricing terms for the Services at any time, unless otherwise agreed in a specific writing by Elite and Customer. 

    • 2.1. Refund | Reschedule | Non-Attendance. All training is non-refundable; however, you can receive a credit to reschedule your training. If you need to reschedule, we ask that you contact us 24 hours before the registered training session. You will have at least 30 days to reschedule your training. Once services are rendered, there will be no credits or refunds processed. If you are not in attendance on the training day and have yet to contact us 24 hours before the registered training session, you have forfeited your training fees.

    • 2.2. Fees. All order forms created for the fees below will be processed in 3 to 5 business days.

      • 2.2.1. CPR Reorder Card Fee $5.00 

      • 2.2.2. Reinstatement Fee $75.00 (Director Credential Candidates Only)

      • 2.2.3. Director Credential reprint $25.00

      • 2.2.4. Reconnect Fee $15.00 – An (“Expired Customer- a customer who has missed the course completion deadline”), must pay a reconnect fee of $15.00 to extend customers online access timeframe for additional 30 days. 

      • 2.2.5. Certificate Request Fee $10.00

    • 2.3. Acceptable Payment Methods. Debit or Credit Card - We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. When you purchase services at with confidence. We have partnered with STRIPE PAYMENTS, a leading payment gateway to accept credit cards and electronic check payments safely and securely for our customers.

      • 2.3.1 Check Payments - We only accept checks for group training sessions or large groups. Check must be payable to Elite Educational Enterprises, LLC and mailed to 7207 Regency Blvd #260-17 Houston, Texas 77036. 

  3. SHIPPING. All shipping is done on Tuesday and Thursday of each week. (You also have the option of local pickup by appointments only) We use USPS for mailings. Please allow 3-5 business days to receive your order and/or product. If the allotted time has passed, please contact the main office at 713-661-3133​ or


    • A (“Staff Group Training”) is a training conducted at school, campus, or site of the Customer. All Staff Group Training, Teacher In-Service, and/or CPR and First Aid Training must pay a $50.00 deposit or pay in full to secure the date, time, and instructor within 72 hours of scheduling request. We only reserve dates with a deposit of $50.00. The $50.00 deposit will be applied to the final balance. 

    • Balance Due Date - You must pay the group training remaining balance 48 hours before the training date. You can pay by credit/debit card, or check. If mailing the payment, please send it to our corporate office at 7207 Regency Square Blvd #260-17 Houston, Texas 77036. 

    • For any staff group training that requires online training access, all employees must complete the online training course within the allotted time. Once the training has expired, the customer must purchase a 30-day reconnection pass to access the course again for $15.00 (2.2.4).


    1. When you purchase the individual annual subscription, access is granted instantly. 

    2. Your annual subscription is valid for a full calendar year, giving you ample time to complete the training. 

    3. Please note that the training courses included in your annual subscription are not transferable to the next year.

    4. Once you purchase the individual annual subscription, you will receive an email notification and a welcome letter. Whenever you are ready to register for your webinar(s), Minimum Standards Refresher Course, and Mega Curriculum #3, please email our office at

    5. Here is the link to log in to your subscriber account: to complete your online training.

    6. All annual subscription purchases are final and nonrefundable. Your yearly subscription will be active for one calendar year; therefore, all subscribers have time to complete the training throughout the year.


    1. Once you purchase the yearly school subscription, you can instantly assign training to staff team members. 

    2. At your convenience, you can assign registration codes to staff members throughout the calendar year. You can also assign a training registration code to any preferred staff member; with different training registration codes, you can assign training based on staff training needs. 

    3. Your yearly school subscription is valid for a full calendar year. Your calendar year starts the day you purchase and ends 365 days from that date. All yearly school subscription purchases are final and nonrefundable.

    4. Please be aware that the training courses included in the yearly school subscription are not transferable to the following year, ensuring that you make the most of your current subscription.

    5. Once you purchase the yearly school subscription, you will receive an email notification and a welcome letter. Whenever you are ready to register your group for a Mega Saturday webinar or in-person event at an Elite location, please email our office at

    6. Here is the link to log in to your subscriber account: Once you purchase the subscription, you can assign registration codes to your team.

    7. After three months of successful subscription payments, your school will be able to enroll into CDA Credential Training, Texas Director Credential and schedule a school in-person training.  

    8. The yearly school subscription fee is $300 or $600 monthly. The monthly payment will automatically draft from the authorized card on file. If your subscription fee declines or is not paid on the due date, your account and all users and registration codes will be locked.


    1. Ethical Conduct. We reserve the right to refuse a student credit if it is believed and proven by the online instructor that the student did not complete his/her own work. While it is acceptable for students to discuss the course content materials in teams or groups, the quizzes and activities are designed to be completed on an individual basis, sharing the student’s unique thoughts and experiences. The purpose of the course activities is to demonstrate to the instructor that the student understands the material and has applied the concepts to their own professional practice. Even if students are enrolled in the same course and work together in the same childcare facility, training experience reveals that each student will have different learning experiences than their peers. Elite Educational Enterprises, LLC will not grant credit if it is clear that the student did not complete the required work individually.

      If Elite Educational Enterprises, LLC believes that a student did not complete the learning activities on their own, or a student submitted similar or identical answers as another student, we will request that the student’s activity responses be resubmitted to demonstrate individual learning. In the resubmission, the student must provide new, individualized answers. If the student resubmits satisfactory answers, credit will be awarded for the course.

    2. Online Course Grading Policy. Courses will be graded by the instructor within two business day of your submission, excluding holidays. If a student is missing quizzes and/or activities are required to resubmit an activity, the two-business day window will be reapplied. Please check the list to see which days are considered holidays. New Year’s Day (Jan. 1), Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day (July 4th), Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

      1.  Online Testing: All online students will have access to retake any assessments until he/she passes. If you've attempted more than 3 times, please contact us in the main office at 713-661-3133 or

    3. License to Access the Services. Customer will have a limited non-transferable, non-exclusive, temporary license for the term specified in this Acknowledgment, without the right to sublicense (the "License") to access the Website and use the software (in object code form only) ("Software") and the Services solely for Customer's, or in the case of a Customer who is a learning center (a "Center Customer"), for such Center Customer's Authorized Employees' personal professional education and development purposes, strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Acknowledgment. Customer shall make no attempt to: (a) save, alter, modify, adapt, translate, create derivative works of, merge with other software or content, improve, reverse engineer, disassemble or decompile the Software, including the object and source code thereof or the content provided on the Website; (b) interfere in any manner with the hosting of the Software, the hosting hardware or network, or the content or Services associated therewith; or (c) sublicense, distribute, sell, lease, rent, loan or otherwise transfer the Software, Website, Services, or any of Customer's rights under this Acknowledgment (except as otherwise expressly provided in this Acknowledgment) or otherwise use or provide access to the Software, Website, or Services for the benefit of any person other than Customer, or in the case of a Center Customer, any person other than Authorized Employees of such Center Customer, or operate a reseller service, time sharing, or other similar service. "Authorized Employees" as used herein shall mean, with respect to any Center Customer, employees of such Center Customer who are specifically designated and registered as authorized users of the Website and Services and who meet all other eligibility requirements specified herein at all times.

    4. Security and Format of Services. Web access to and use of the Software and Services is through a combination of an ID and a password, which will not be effective until activated by Elite. Customer shall keep its ID and password confidential. Customer will be responsible for all transactions entered through and under its Customer ID and any Customer ID of any of its employees and any such transactions will be deemed to have been completed by Customer. Elite reserves the right to use the Customer's email address as the ID. Use of the Software, Website, or Services shall be deemed to be acceptance of all of the terms and conditions of this Acknowledgment. Customer shall be responsible for providing, at its sole cost, all telecommunications equipment, hardware, software, Internet access and all other necessary equipment to connect, access and use the Website and the Services. Access to the Services is subject to interruption at Elite’s reasonable discretion for purposes of performing upgrades, maintenance, backup and other necessary work. Elite shall make reasonable efforts to notify Customer of any significant interruptions to the Services that may be reasonably anticipated and that are under the control of Elite. In addition, access to the Services may be interrupted from time to time due to unforeseen software, hardware, equipment, network, power, Internet or other outages.

    5. Customer Data and User Information. Customer will be solely responsible for providing to Elite, and updating as required by Elite, all relevant information regarding such Customer for use by Elite in performing the Services, and in the case of a Center Customer, the name of all of its Authorized Employees and valid email address, social security number, center name and address, and other relevant data relating to such Authorized Employees and such center for use by Elite in performing the Services. Upon Elite’s request, Customer must verify and update all such data. Customer acknowledges and agrees that he or she, or in the case of a Center Customer, its Authorized Employees, are the only authorized users of the Website, Software, and Services on the Customer account under the applicable user's assigned user id and password, and he or she shall not permit any access thereto by any other person. In the case of a Center Customer, all of its Authorized Employees under this Acknowledgment must be current employees of such Center to remain eligible to use the Website, Software and Services under this Acknowledgment. A Center Customer shall be obligated to (i) terminate access privileges to the Website, Software and Services for and (b) notify Elite in writing of any Authorized Employees who cease to be employees of such Center Customer for any reason (whether by death, disability, for cause or without cause) within 24 hours of the termination of employment of such Authorized Employee. Any Authorized Employee of any Center Customer who ceases to be employed by such Center Customer for any reason shall immediately cease to be an Authorized Employee under this Acknowledgment and the term "Authorized Employees" as used hereunder shall not include such employee at all times after such termination. Promptly upon Elite’s request at any time during the term of Acknowledgment, a Center Customer shall provide Elite all documentation and access to its books and records necessary to verify continued employment of any Authorized Employee. Any training certificates received by any person in connection with access to the Website, Software or Services by invalid or unauthorized means or in breach of this Acknowledgment will be rescinded and null and void and records of any training of such person may, at Elite sole discretion, be deleted from any transcripts related to such person and from Elite and other record management systems. Customer shall not be entitled to any partial or full refund or credit in the event of a breach of this Acknowledgment or any fraud, abuse or misuse related to any access to the Website, Software or Services pursuant to its or its Authorized Employees' user id and password.

    6. Administrative Access Terms. A Customer who has purchased Services pursuant to the Order Form that include an administrative access account, by written notice to Elite, may request that its' designated users be granted administrative access to the Software, Website, and Services. Administrative access will provide the Customer the ability to (i) purchase training hours and assign them to its Authorized Users; (ii) set up multi-level views of Authorized Users within its organization (i.e. corporate/region/school); (iii) view progress and training completion of Authorized Users; (iv) print reports on training progress of its Authorized Users within its organization, by corporation, region/franchisee (if not company owned)/school/student); (vi) assign other administrative users; and (vii) set up new Authorized Users after Elite has assigned user id/password and all other obligations and conditions under this Acknowledgment are met. Without limiting any other provision of this Acknowledgment, each Customer acknowledges that administrative access will not allow any Customer to delete students from Elite’s database or system, change transcripts, alter course content, or assign user/id passwords. Each Customer acknowledges that if administrative access is granted to it pursuant hereto, such Customer accepts full responsibility for any charges, purchases and any other fees related to the use of such access by all users designated by Customer at any time, including, without limitation, any users added by Customer through administrative access. Customer shall not be entitled to any partial or full refund or credit in the event of any fraud, abuse, or other misuse related to administrative access privileges.

Any question about terms and conditions please email

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