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Striving to be A better Child Care Director

Webster dictionary defines minimum as the least quantity assignable, admissible or possible. For so long, my measurement of meeting the minimum requirements consumed me. Meeting the minimum standards for licensed child care centers was not my problem; however, only striving to meet the minimum became my standard. So many child care directors I consult have been merely making on broken pieces through this pandemic. While attempting to make it through the work changes with Covid-19, they have struggled to hire staff and fight for their sanity by not having a day off. In these times, it's so easy to get to a place where you are stuck, only striving for the minimum.

Now more than ever, it's time to raise the bar. Create an environment where you are not just surviving but thriving as a leader, child care director, owner, or administrator. Leading a childcare program has its ups and downs. It can sometimes be overwhelming and leave you feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Some of the biggest issues are not having trained staff, creating systems that work, and daily operations of the center.

I would like to personally invite you the "Above The Minimum - Master Class". I am hosting this class for child care directors and owners. Inside this master class, you will learn how to flourish as a director by not just doing what needs to get done to get by. In this class, you'll learn the exact methods I used to flourish as a Child Care Director.

Specifically, you'll learn:

  • Quality control techniques to help manage licensing compliance

  • Strategies to manage staff during the pandemic

  • Build operation systems that produce results

  • And much more...

I am one of the leading child care mentors and consultants in the Texas area, and I would like to share the methods and strategies I've used to create a quality child care environment. To learn more about me click here.

The master class is going to hosted virtual or in-person at the Elite Training Center in Houston, Texas on Friday, February 11, 2022 at 12:00PM. I will cover the following modules:


  • MODULE 1: How to successfully D.R.I.V.E a childcare business?

  • MODULE 2: Quality increases quantity: Turning minimum into maximum

  • MODULE 3: I love the children, it’s the workers I’m struggling to understand


  • Training replay video

  • Master Class Workbook and Guide

  • Level-Up Checklist

  • Access to our Private Facebook Group

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sheika Petteway

Sheika Petteway provide educational and leadership training to individuals and organizations. She is the founder and CEO of Elite Educational Enterprises and has several years experience serving in the early childhood education industry.

Learn More about Mrs. Petteway by visiting her personal website


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