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Three Things Every Child Care Worker Need From The School Management

Working in childcare can be very challenging for some people; however, there are fun times when working around a group of toddlers or with your favorite group. A few things are essential from the childcare director or school management team for the child care workers to fall in love with the workplace.

1. Support:

It is way easier to work and adapt to your workplace when someone has your back. When you have someone there to help, you can go to them if you don’t know how to do something. Moreover, you may likely experience hardship when you start working in a new place. If you have someone who will support you as you learn and train you, you are fortunate. Support in a childcare environment is the director equipping the childcare provider with training, mentorship, and assistance. Support can sometimes be just listening to the teacher, giving them a safe place when they feel uncertain about providing care.

2. Job security:

Job security is a very important aspect of working in the childcare industry. Childcare providers should have a sense of belonging to the workplace. Benefits such as paid holidays or bonuses and fair wages will ensure that their job is secured. Job security in a childcare environment is consistent hours and schedules. Childcare providers with clear expectations on their schedule and hours can plan for their personal lives and families. Job security can also mean the workers are not feeling threatened about their job placement when a parent is upset. An environment with open communication that allows conflict resolution, openness, and growth is always safer for long-term employees.

After interviewing over 100 childcare providers in the Texas area, another need that goes hand and hand with job security is fair wages. It’s hard to feel secure at work if your home life is a mess. So having enough money to feed your family and have a better quality of life is vital to childcare workers.

3. Systems in place:

When you take up your job systematically, many things are easier to do and understand. For example, it’s beneficial to get trained for a specific time before starting your career or orientation to get to know the school. In addition, creating systems and teaching childcare employees the system helps the provider feel confident in the job. Having systems, policies, and procedures is very important in any childcare program, daycare, learning center, academy, or any program with young children. A structured environment where an employee can read, ask, or refer to information about their job will help create a well-balanced workplace.

Systems in place nurture a professional atmosphere at work. Being aware of attire, attitude, and character traits are foundational principles that create professionalism. These standards need to be communicated from school management and write to hold workers accountable. Childcare workers love to work for positive schools like exhibits so pride.

In conclusion, due to the pandemic, the employment percent rate has gone down for childcare centers. Childcare providers are refusing to work for different reasons. I hope this blog sheds some light on the heart and needs of child care providers in this day and time.


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Sheika Petteway

Mentor & Strategist for Child Care Directors

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