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"Essential Tools for Early Childhood Leaders: 5 Must-Have Items"

Early childhood Leaders are known to solve unexpected problems and handle unexpected situations. We must be able to stay calm and analyze the scenario with a cool head. We must always be ready to encounter troublesome problems, and that is why some things must be at our fingertips. 

1. Confidence: 

For center directors and childcare business owners, confidence is a necessity. Confidence is vital when facing an unprecedented situation or conveying a school tour. If you are not confident in most of these areas, people will start questioning you as a leader. Your confidence while talking to potential or enrolled families and presenting yourself captures people the most. Seeing your confidence will make them confidently invest and believe in your ideas and vision. People will begin to look up to you and see you as an influence. 

Moreover, self-confidence is equally essential. You must be confident that you can quickly solve any problem and handle any situation. The mentality that you can make your idea and vision work will separate you from the rest. 

2. A Pitch: 

Every childcare leader has an idea, vision, goal, or target they want to achieve. Therefore, every leader must have a great pitch ready to convey or present that idea anywhere, at any time. As mentioned above, leaders can encounter the most unexpected situations. For example, they might need to pitch their idea at a party or a gathering. The more people you spread that idea to, the more people will start believing in it. 

3. Cell Phone Charger: 

Cell phones have completely revolutionized the professional world. Without phones, you are disabled in this fast-paced world, especially as a leader. Most leader's batteries die; long phone calls, emails, calculations, and many other things are handled on the phone. Leaders with cell phone chargers show a consistent connection to go the extra mile to accomplish some things. Having the security of a power bank or charger is a blessing because leaders always need to be ready to make a call. 

4. Blazer: 

You cannot just call yourself a leader of an organization or a company without being physically presentable. In today's world, your body language and dressing do most of the talking. You might have a meeting or be in a room full of corporate clients at any time of the day. Wearing a blazer makes a statement of power and confidence. 

5. Pen: 

Having a pen handy may be a small thing, but it can prove to be the most important of all. Leaders must be prepared for any situation to better their company or vision. For example, leaders might come across an excellent deal at some point in the day and have to sign formal papers. Or they might need a pen when they are pitching their idea to someone to give them a clear understanding. 

The most highlighted trait of all leaders is readiness. Leaders are trusted to lead and envision because they can handle complicated situations. For this, they might have some things handy with them.

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Sheika Petteway, Chief ENCOURAGING Officer

She provides educational and leadership training to individuals and organizations. She is the founder and CEO of Elite Educational Enterprises and has several years experience serving in the early childhood education industry.

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