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Must-Do Tasks for Childcare Program Center Directors Before the Year Ends


  • Calendar Current Director's License expiration date

  • Download Current Minimum Standards for your state

  • Make sure Current licensing inspection is posted

  • Make surer all required posting are posted

  • Calendar Health Inspection & Sanitation report expiration date

  • Make sure all Safety Documents (Emergency drills, fire extinguisher, smoke detector) are complete

  • Calendar Fire Inspection expiration date

  • Business liability Insurance (renewal date)

  • Current Gas Inspection (if applicable)

  • Crib Safety documentation (if applicable)

  • Infant Feeding Instructions on file

  • Consumer Product Safety Commission (the last 3 months)

  • Children Files up-to-date

  • Staff Files up-to-date (current address and emergency contact)

  • Staff Training up-to-date

  • Immunization Compliance Review

  • Emergency Preparedness Plan

  • Playground maintenance checklist

  • Check the school for pest & schedule Pest Control extermination

  • Vehicle Safety Check

  • Health Checks and Medication Procedures are being followed

Feel free to add to this list based on your center's programming. Happy New Year! If would like private coaching and mentoring please email me at

Warm Regards,

Sheika Petteway


Minimum Standards Refresher Course for Teachers

This course will teach childcare professionals about the minimum standards provided by childcare licensing. Professionals will understand their responsibilities required by childcare licensing. You will learn about the weight system used to measure each standard and apply them to instructional practices when working with young children.


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