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"Fun and Educational Summertime Activities for Teachers of Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers"

The warm, sunny summer days are here, bringing many delightful opportunities for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers to explore and play. Witnessing the happiness in our children as they partake in a multitude of activities during this blissful season always fills the hearts of educators with pure joy. From the gentle breeze caressing their cheeks to the vibrant hues of flowers and fruits, every moment is a sensory delight for these young ones. As Educators, we want to guide them to take in every sensation and emotion so that they may explore, learn, and grow with the world around them in summer. These great indoor and outdoor activities will make summer worthwhile for teachers of Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers.

Teachers bringing Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers outdoors

Indoor Activities



Consider gardening activity, the art of growing plants and vegetables, to educate children about the origins of food. All it takes is a container,  soil, a few bean seeds, or a nursery plant. You can give each child a small section of room close to the window and a container with soil where they may grow their plants and witness their growth with time. However, an outside garden can still be used if the room is inconvenient. Preschoolers love helping with gardening projects.

Watercolor Painting

You will be amazed at what children can do with a brush and canvas. Painting is swift and requires only a few simple tools—a paintbrush, paper, and watercolors will suffice. The trick is giving them a canvas on a grand scale that exceeds the norm. If Kraft paper is not available, cardboard can also be used. Set a large table for them to work their magic and let their imagination soar. They can paint their favorite animal, best friend, sibling, or pet.



The bubble game always has the charm of amusing children. All it takes is a simple bubble wand and a bottle of shampoo. First, take a wand and dip it in the bubble solution. Next, blow gently and let your learners watch as the bubbles dance in the air. It will surely light them up with a smile. The educational benefits of this include refining motor skills and even enhancing hand-eye coordination. For a more grandiose experience, one can opt for an automatic bubble machine. Every child loves bubbles. I love seeing the infants respond to seeing little bubbles float in the air. The toddler always have a wonderful time trying to caught the bubbles.


Outdoor Activities


Animal Field Trip

The butterflies, the parrots, and the birds allow the curious tot to witness them all because summer is a perfect time for this adventure, not winter. A zoo, a sanctuary, or a pet store will do fine; it doesn't have to be grand. Alternatively, an aquarium could be the perfect place, as they provide extra fun watching water creatures such as fish, octopuses, tortoises, and more. Many cities have smaller versions of these[aquariums], with animals in decent numbers. The educational benefit of this is that it gets the young minds acquainted with different animals. They may need that knowledge in a science class by grade six.


Cloud gazing

Cloud gazing can be a source of endless imagination for children. All it takes is a simple look up at the sky, and you can take turns finding various shapes and figures among the fluffy white canvases. Who knows what kind of creatures or objects will appear before their eyes - Santa Claus, a dragon, or even their pet at home?



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