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Spreading holiday cheer in your child care program

Holidays are an essential part of a child's school life. They always look forward to getting a day off and celebrating a momentous occasion or festive holiday. Therefore, it is vital for teachers and daycare providers to teach kids the importance of different events and public holidays. For example, what is the meaning and purpose of a holiday? What particular thing do we celebrate that day, etc.? These things help children know their culture and heritage better and are a vital part of their upbringing in schools and child care programs.

There are various ways to spread holiday cheer in your classrooms and child care programs. Being involved in spreading the cheer helps children enjoy the day and remember important dates and festivals. Mentioned below are some ways to help you spread holiday cheer:

Before the holiday, for example, Christmas, you can organize an activity to decorate the classroom. First, children can bring their favorite decorative pieces and place them on soft boards and classroom walls. Then, setting up a Christmas tree outside the class or corridors, fun and healthy competition can be held amongst children of different sections to decorate it. The Christmas tree team-building assignment will help increase their holiday excitement and make them remember it forever. These childhood school memories matter and are cherished for the rest of our lives. The activity above is mainly suitable for pre-schoolers.

Daycare providers can dress infants and toddlers in holiday attire or Christmas pajamas. Dress-up activities are always fun for infants and toddlers because it promotes social-emotional development. This way, the kids will notice that today is a different day than usual. Also, playing Christmas music will spread the holiday cheer and hopefully create some camera-worthy smiles to send to parents.

In addition to all the points mentioned above, teachers and caregivers can show children different pictures of foods and activities leading up to Christmas. It's a great time of the year to plan culinary activities, like decorating a gingerbread house. Below is my favorite gingerbread house activity and the materials needed. Happy Holiday!



Pheolia Smith

Child Care Specialist

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