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Remarkable Routine

One of the best things that you can do to help your students, parents, staff or co-workers, and to help yourself stay organized is to develop and stick to a winning routine.

In the classroom setting, children of all ages and abilities can benefit from a dependable and well-defined routine. A clear routine can also lessen the need for discipline and increase the effective use of time, creating more time for fun activities students enjoy.

The Texas DFPS Minimum Standards remind us of how important routines can be:

746.2203. Must caregivers have written activity plans?

(a) Yes. Your director or each caregiver must develop a written activity plan. The plan must outline the daily routines and specific activities for each age group and the plan must be followed by the caregiver(s) responsible for that group.

Helpful Information

Activity plans may be two separate documents also commonly known as "daily schedules" and "lesson plans". Daily schedules must identify the daily routine for the group indicated. Lesson plans may be written for a group of children or individual children.

What must the activity plan include?

(8) Sufficient time for activities and routines so that children can progress at their own developmental rate

You can see from the examples above that routine helps to establish a daily schedule and an expected sense of what's to come. Do yourself and your students a favor by updating your routine.

Our Child Growth & Development online class for teachers can help you learn helpful info to include in your routines for students of different developmental ages and stages. If you are a director, you can request a customized In-Service course for your staff. Our Elite Educational Enterprises experts want to help you ensure that your routine is remarkable.


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