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November Fun Preschool Activities

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Thanksgiving is that time of the year when you feast with your family and a time of reflection. However, it can be a holiday that does not get toddlers and preschoolers excited as it fascinates the adults. Holidays such as Christmas and Halloween are much more awaited by toddlers due to the chance of getting remarkable gifts and tons of candy.

To make this holiday exciting and fun for toddlers, here are some activities listed that might help preschoolers make memories this time of the year.

Thanksgiving Activities for Toddlers:

One of the activities for preschool teachers and child care providers is Turkey Feathers Motor Activity. This activity will help toddlers recognize and remember the names of colors and even improve their counting skills.

You can set up the game with the following steps:

  • Tape up a small brown cardboard box which represents a turkey. Make some holes in it with something sharp but make sure that the holes aren’t too wide.

  • Cut out a circle for the face of the turkey.

  • Draw two black circles for the eyes of the turkey.

  • For the beak, cut out an orange triangle.

  • You need to have craft feathers and try to buy a wide variety of colors to make the activity more enjoyable.

For children with ages 2-5, you can give them a feather to stick onto the head of the turkey. After that, it is up to them what patterns they want to make with the feathers. When they are done, make sure to discuss the colors of the feathers with them so that they remember the name of the colors.

For children older than five, you can use this activity for patterning lessons. For example, the preschool teacher can start a pattern with different colors so that the toddlers can complete it.

Children get very fascinated when activities involve crafting. Here is a crafting activity called Paper Plate Turkey Craft. The item created by children can also be used as a decoration piece or a wall hanging.

The steps to go about this activity are listed below:

  1. Start by painting a paper plate brown and then cut the center of the plate so that only the circumference remains.

  2. While the paint dries up, cut out orange, yellow, and red stripes.

  3. Glue the ends of the stripes to

  4. Glue the stripes on the circumference to form a pattern.

  5. Cut the body of a turkey in the shape of a baby chicken with brown paper. Stick the eyes on the paper and cut out a small triangle for its beak.

  6. To end the activity, stick the baby chick on the bottom of the circumference.

These are some of the activities that would really help preschool teachers and childcare providers to engage children during the month of November. These activites are fun, interesting and will catch the child’s attention in no time. The best thing about these activities is that they can be done at home as well.

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