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How to train a new Childcare worker in Texas?

Hiring a new teacher can be an exciting time for your center because that means your enrollment is increasing, but looking at your current busty schedule, where will you find the time to train your new staff?

"Our New Caregiver Training course teaches the foundation of early childhood education for child care providers. In the state of Texas, all new caregivers must complete 8 clock hours of training before being counted into ratios; by the 90 dates of employment the new caregiver must have an additional 16 clock hours totaling 24 clock hours of training.”

Here are some Frequently asked questions about Texas Pre-Service Training:

Who should register for Pre-Service Training? If you have less than two years of experience, you will need to take Pre-Service Training in the state of Texas.

Why is Pre-Service Training important? Pre-Service Training is very important for caregivers if you do not have at least two years of hands-on experience working in a childcare facility or in-home daycare. This training teaches all of your basic fundamentals of working with young children.

How many Pre-Service courses are required by the state? 8 Clock Hours of training must be completed before you are counted in ratios. 16 additional clock hours must be completed before your 90 dates of hire.

Will child care licensing accept my Pre-Service Training certificate? Our training meets the requirements of the Texas Health Human Services Commission and is aligned with minimum standard 746:123 (34) (45) and 746:1317. All Elite Instructors are trainers according to Texas Senate Bill 265, in addition to registered master level trainers.  Do I need additional coursework after completing Pre-Service Training? Yes. You are still required to complete your in-service or annual clock hours of training required by the state each year. Learn More



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