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5 Reasons Why I Love Working In Child Care

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Most people choose to work in childcare because they enjoy working with children. You may have a large number of siblings, relatives, or younger family members to care for, or you may have worked as a babysitter for several years and believe that this is the groundwork for a career you can be passionate about.

Many schools now assist with those first steps into a profession and guide how to gain early experience in your chosen field, whether through work experience positions or part-time jobs. Alternatively, you could be a mother or carer seeking a meaningful and gratifying career shift.

Childcare is extremely gratifying; every day is not alike, and you get to be a part of a community that helps children learn, grow, and develop to their greatest potential. Working as a childcare provider, you can give children a good start in life by assisting them in developing social skills in a safe and caring atmosphere that fosters learning through play.

1. Witness children growth and development

Working with children has numerous advantages. It's an opportunity to watch children grow and develop into confident, self-sufficient learners. For many childcare teachers in the field, it's the realization of a long-held ambition. These are the individuals who make the best educators because they have a strong desire to excel in the field.

2. Collaboration with co-workers

As soon as you join the child care industry or directly become a childcare provider, given your experience/expertise in the childcare field, you do not only get a first-hand opportunity to closely work with and for children in their development and growth process, but you also get to communicate, coordinate and collaborate with co-workers. You can spend your time discussing the routine, sharing past experiences, and working together as a team by collaborating on the tasks leading to a mutual benefit of making the kids learn and grow in a friendly, collaborative environment.

3. Continual educational growth within yourself

Working with children was, and continues to be, a huge learning experience for us childcare enthusiasts. Not all children are the same (nor are their backgrounds, etc.), and just because some of the topics covered in your qualifications may appear obsolete (theories, etc.) doesn't mean you can't apply a fresh perspective to them. By working in childcare, you'll be able to learn new things and grow with every learning phase. Annual child care training is a great start for continual education and development. If you are new to the child care industry I would suggest our new caregiver Pre-service Training.

4. Set an educational foundation for lifelong learners

Your relationships with the children will help them feel safe, allowing them to freely participate in fun activities that will allow them to learn in their preferred learning method. The kids are enthusiastic about listening to stories and participating in songs and physical exercises. Watching them learn to share and make friends self-confident to the point where they can do practically anything for themselves - dressing, eating, drinking, selecting activities they prefer, gaining access to tools for making - and simply love seeing the kids have fun.

5. Partnership with families

Where the child caretakers support parents by taking care of their children, by all means, is very helpful, families and childcare professionals can share information and focus on fulfilling each child's needs and supporting their growth when they work together. Children can witness key persons in their life functioning successfully together through partnerships. It is also encouraging for children to see that the individuals who matter most in their lives are concerned about them and work together.

Bottom line

Working in the childcare sector can be a fantastic experience. Children are truly amazing, and it is a joy to see them grow, play, and achieve their milestones. Yes, the effort is difficult, but the rewards are enormous.

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Sheika Petteway

Mentor & Strategist for Child Care Directors

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