Enrollment Survey
Do You Have A High School Diploma or Equivalent?
Are you at least 21 years old or older? *
Is your CPR & First Aid Training Up-to-date?

Thanks for submitting! Call our office Monday-Friday 8am-4pm to speak about your results 713-661-3133. We will be in touch within 24 Hours. 

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Enrollment Requirements: 
You must have documented prove of the following: 

  • Age - Must be 21 years old or older

  • Education- Must have High School Diploma or Equivalent

  • Experience- Must have at least 2 years experience

  • Certification- Must have CPR & First Aid ›› Need CPR? Click Here

Here at Elite, we pride ourselves on making sure all our Directors are well educated and prepared. This enrollment survey is set-up just to make sure you qualify before you register and pay your tuition.

Once you submit your "Enrollment Survey" you can call our office and speak with a Credential Instructor at 713-661-3133 or Setup A 


Office Hours: Monday - Friday (8am-5pm)


What constitutes experience may be counted as experience in a licensed child-care center: 

(1) Experience as a director, assistant director, or as a caregiver working directly with children, obtained in any DFPS licensed child-care center, whether paid or unpaid.

(2) Experience as a director, assistant director, or caregiver working directly with children, whether paid or unpaid, in a DFPS, licensed day-care center, group day-care home, kindergarten or nursery school, schools: grade kindergarten and above, drop-in care center, or in a DFPS alternatively accredited program; and

(3) Experience as a director, assistant director, or caregiver working directly with children in a licensed or certified child-care center in another state or country. 

Please Use the Minimum Standards below to see if you meet Director Qualifications. 
746.1015 and/or 746.1017