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Improve your self-esteem and build confidence

Renew your focus

Achieve your personal & leadership goals

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Grow Your Center

Who Can Benefit From This Child Care Mentorship Program? 

Any Child Care Director or Owner That Is Looking For GROWTH!

The Child Care Mentoring Program is for Child Care Directors or Owners. This program plan will serve as a framework and roadmap for leadership GROWTH. The program plan will provide a systematic process for Child Care Directors or Owners to carry out its mission of providing lifelong, blended learning and developmental opportunities. 

The major function of the Mentoring Program is the mentee’s development in specific areas and to facilitate personal, professional, and center GROWTH. It will also serve as a key planning tool aimed at ensuring the Child Care Directors or Owners have the right kind and number of diverse leaders to achieve mission success. Specific goals, guidance, roles, responsibilities, and criteria will be identified for implementing the program. 

The Child Care Mentoring Program will accomplish the following: 
  • Develop relationships with community organizations to address the center’s need for a growth.

  • Training mentee to GROW as a high-performance leader who is adaptable; who inspire, motivate, and guide others to produce tangible results; who challenge the workforce; and who demonstrate high standards of honesty, integrity, trust, openness, and respect.

  • Provide knowledge and accountability between the mentor and mentee for the program’s GROWTH factors, and desired outcomes and evaluation of the scope and quality of program activities. 

  • Provide policy and procedures aimed at assuring appropriateness, effectiveness, and efficiency for the center. 

  • Ensure program modifications are in compliance with the standards of the State. 

4-Week Growth mentorship Sessions
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"In addition to being a mentor, I'm the CEO of Elite Educational Enterprise. I focus on equipping Child Care Leaders through training and mentorship."

As a child care expert, I work to understand personal and public voices and stories to solve problems in the child care industry. I do this by training child care professional and by using relatable real life practice examples. Not sure if this program is right for you, click the link below to learn more and meet me.

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Mentorship Payment
  • Mentorship Session

    One Time Virtual Session with Sheika Petteway
    • Mentorship OneTime (1hr) Virtual Session
    • (Free) 3rd Wednesday Group Session | 2 clock hours
  • Mentorship Program

    Every week
    4-Week Virtual Mentorship | For Child Care Directors
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Weekly (1hr) Session for 4-Weeks
    • (Free) 3rd Wednesday Group Session | 2 clock hours
    • Weekly Inspirational Text Messages Alerts
    • Strategic Growth Planning Template
    • Leadership Book
    • Phone & Email Support
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